Little Big Audio was founded by Nicolás Linares Egea and since 2007 we have been providing recording, mixing and mastering services.

We have three isolated recording rooms furnished with a modular system of acoustic panels. This system makes it possible to modify the reverberation characteristics of the spaces thus tailoring the sound source to your production’s needs. From reverberant and lively to dry and compact, a variety of sound aesthetics can be recorded.

The separation between rooms allows simultaneous recording of drums, bass, guitars and keyboards. The main room is ideal for drummers, string quartets and solo performers, while the other two can accommodate bassists, guitarists, keyboards and amplifiers.  This provides flexibility during recording sessions.


Our recording equipment was selected to handle both analog and digital workflows with a 16-channel Toft ATB console as the centerpiece. Daking (based on the Trident A Range) and other mic preamps are kept patched to the console as well as a variety of compressors.

We have twenty four simultaneous channels available going into a fully equipped DAW as well as a calibrated 4 channel Mara machine with tape in stock. Everything is wired for immediate use.

We have a varied collection of “vintage” and modern equipment and instruments. This includes an assortment of guitars (acoustic and electric), basses, a variety of pedals and effects, amps and cabs. Some of our favorites include:

  • Rhodes Suitcase Mark I del ‘73
  • Hammond M102
  • Gibson SG Standard
  • Fender Strat USA
  • Epiphone Nick Valensi Signature Elitist Riviera P-94
  • Reverend DESCENT W Baritone Guitar
  • Martin D16
  • Fender Precision Bass del ‘80
  • Fender "Drip Edge" Bassman del ‘68
  • Orange Rockerverb 50
  • Ampeg B15
  • Roland RE-201 Space Echo
  • Mutron Bi-Phase
  • Surfy Bear Spring Reverb

The studio also features a collection of vintage and modern drums and an assortment of other percussion instruments belonging to Tony Escapa. Some of these are:

  • WFL (Pre Ludwig)
  • DW Collectors
  • Custom Yamaha Maple ('95)
  • Yamaha Absolute Nouveau (Japan)
  • Snares Ludwig, Yamaha, Pearl, Tama y DW
  • Variety of Zildjian cymbals
  • Timbales, congas and bongos LP, rototoms and various Paiste gongs
Nicolás Linares
Recording, mixing and mastering engineer / music production

Nicolás has worked for more than 20 years in audio recording and music production, and has vast experience recording, mixing, and producing rock, reggae, jazz, Latin and folk music, electronic and experimental music projects. He has dedicated his career to working with artists in the alternative and independent music scene in Puerto Rico, the United States and Latin America. He also has experience with music for documentaries and films, sound art collaborations, and voiceover recording.

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Tony Escapa
Drummer and percussionist / music production

Tony is an internationally renowned and Grammy Award-winning musician with over 25 years of touring and recording experience with artists such as Ricky Martin, Miguel Bose, Franco De Vita, La Voz US, De Noche pero Sin Sueño Univision, David Sanchez, Al Dimeola, The Other Woman, Serán Las Dueñas De La Tierra and many others. He is the in-house drummer and percussionist at Little Big Audio available for recording and for music production support.
Alegría Rampante – producing, recording, mixing and mastering
Cultura Profética – recording and additional effects
Fiel a La Vega – recording and mixing
Ignacio Peña – recording and mixing
Índigo – recording and mixing
International Dub Ambassadors – producing, recording, mixing and mastering
Mean Grey Cat – producing, recording, mixing and mastering
"Serán Las Dueñas de La Tierra" – recording and mixing documentary music with Eduardo Alegría
Sin Oficio – recording and mixing
Superaquello – recording, mixing and mastering
Un.Real – producing, recording and mixing
Velcro – recording and mixing
Verdugos – recording and mixing
Villano Antillano – recording
La Voz US – recording & mixing drums & percussion with Tony Escapa
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